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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She's ok! And Frogs are done!

First, our grand daughter, Kayla, had an accident yesterday morning on the way to school. A truck passed her spraying road slush on her windshield which blinded her and she ran into a car that was stopped. But she's OK as is everyone else, which we are so thankful for. Her car is not so lucky! Kayla is a little sore from the air bags and seat belt but again those safety devices saved another person from severe injury. I don't know what that 'white' stuff is on the ground! Must be some type of air pollution!
I'm done with frogs! Hooray!!! Actually, I'm pleased with how they came out and hope they get juried into the Sense of Humor Exhibit....but if not, I still had fun and I'll show it somewhere! Or it will get hung at our local library for kids to look at! Either's the pics of the finished piece! I really have to thank my 'roommate' for all the great advice and inspiration to finish this piece. Thanks, honey! I couldn't have done it without you...well, I could have but we'd be looking at the frogs like we were in an airplane! This is so much better!

Waiting to be Kissed Finished!

Closeup of my frogs

My cat tails & some leaves

This is my label on the back..You might have to click to see larger image to read what it says! My friend, Carol, here in Florida suggested the smaller saying for this frog!

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  1. So glad Kayla is okay - and those frogs are just DARLING! You have done a wonderful job.


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