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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some fiber work in progress

For my fiber friends, SAQA has an exhibit as part of the Houston 2009 Festival called 'Sense of Humor' so I started to work on my piece today. It's due (postmark pics/entry) by Jan. 30th so let's hope I can stay in and work on it instead of being a 'social butterfly'. Anyway, my entry has frogs in it so I started to paint some today. Here's my painting in progress. You can click on the picture to see them better. One frog will be standing in a tree (he's the one in all green)...the other two will be somewhere on the quilt! If I don't get it finished in time for this exhibit, I'll figure out something else to do with it. I'm having fun designing it and so far painting the frogs. I'll continue to keep you posted on my progress.

I may not do a blog entry for Sunday since I'm doing this entry on Sat. evening. I'll take a day off from blogging! Oh, I bought a tool in Houston this past fall called 'Grip-n-Grip'. It's a non slip matt that you can use to hold your fabric or papers while you paint, stencil or mark your work on. You can see more of a description here: Grip-n-Grip . This matt really works well holding fabric while I'm painting. The only thing I did notice was some of the black came off onto my table but it did wipe up easily. Maybe it just takes time for the 'loose' black material to wear off?? I would still recommend buying this matt if you do a lot of stencil, crayon or paint work on fabric. Pretty cool product!

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