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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday and what I did on my winter vacation

Or should I say what I'm doing on my winter vacation! Here's my frog piece in progress. I did get all the lily pads sewn down along with the rocks and leaves and the small flower. Still have to finish the frogs, their balloons with saying(s), butterflies (yes, there are butterflies in ponds - at least in my pond!) and do some more shading under the lily pads, add a 3-D flower I made from some upholstery fabric sample pieces my sister sent me years ago, add the cat tails, do binding and I should be finished! I am going shopping for some fabric on Thursday with Susan for the binding. I want to put some funky black and white binding on it but who knows what I'll end up with. I'm pleased with how it's finally coming out! Whew!

This is a frog I painted for the back of my quilt. He'll sit on top of my label and a great suggestion by my friend, Carol, was to have him say "I didn't make the cut!". I think that's perfect since he isn't! Anyway, he'll have a home on the back of the quilt.

Oh, I'm blogging tonight (Tuesday) because it's Senior Discount Day at Bealls ( a local department store) so I have a feeling hubby and I will be 'shopping' on Wed. early! Remember, we're going out to eat at Stumpknockers on Wed. for Carol and Tony's anniversary (35th I believe!). The name doesn't sound that great but the food is awesome! It's a restaurant we go to several times when in Florida. It's sits right on the water..but don't ask me what river it is. I just go for the food...not for the sights!


  1. I'm impressed, that pond looks awesome!

  2. Thanks, Anne! I'm hoping the finished piece will look as I have in my mind! But isn't that always the way! I'm checking out your beading blog now!

  3. Just darling, Robbie! Love popping over here when I get a chance and seeing what you're working on. :)


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