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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

63 Degrees already

Yep, it's not even 8:30 a.m. and 63 out. It's just beautiful...a slight breeze and no humidity which is nice! I'm sure it's not this way in the summer in Florida but for the winter this is perfect weather for Bob and I.
Have to mention two 'grand children' stories today. Amber called last Friday to tell me she got her report card. I asked "what grades did you get?" and she replied "3 C's and 2 D's, grandma". Well, after I picked myself up off the floor I didn't know what to say! I was shocked! So, as grandma's do I told her that's you'll only go up in your grade because you'll just work hard. All of a sudden, I'm on speaker phone, and I can hear my DIL laughing in the background! She said "it's a joke grandma, Amber got 4 A's and 1 B". Amber said "my mom made me do this joke on you". I was shocked as Amber seems to be a good student and Darrin and Kris always make sure she does her homework nightly. Anyway, that was a 'whew' moment for sure!
So last night I was talking to the kids and Darrin told me Nick was almost asleep on the couch. He said at dinner he asked Nick to 'try' some mashed potatoes. Well, Nick told Darrin he would get sick if he ate them. Darrin said, "no you won't, you need to just eat the little bit on your fork". So Nick grudgingly ate the potatoes and tried to wash them down with milk...but you guessed it, 'up' they came! Darrin said Nick went into the bathroom adamantly telling his father that "you made me throw up". I can just picture this whole event and Nick being dramatic about the mashed potatoes. I'm sure this will remain in his memory when he's in his 20's. It was such a funny story and one for my journal. Actually, I have a journal in Michigan for Amber and Nick and I write stories like this in it as well as put tickets or pics of what we do. Both of these stories will have to go in their I hope I'll remember to do that!
Carol and I are off to Panera's later today (free coffee all day - Panera's promotion) and then to Michael's and who knows where else!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the mashed potato story, Robbie! Start a file on your computer of stories to go in their journal while you're in FL. That way they'll be in one place.


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