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Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Presents for ME!

I'm so lucky! More presents. Darrin and Kris have been checking the past two days on whether I've received their present. They did mail this last Sat. but between the snow storms and I'm sure the old folks who work at the Florida post office, the delay was legitimate! Of course Jack and Nickie had to help (along with Mandy) open my presents.

Mandy was trying to get everyone ready to open my package! Someone has to organize!
Look at all the cards! And yes, Darrin, you made me cry with the one from 'your son'! For those who know our family, we try to get cards that mean a lot - or otherwise known as cards that make the recipient cry! And Darrin's made me cry today! Thanks, Son!
Geez, Jack grabbed that candy bar as quick as he could!

But Nickie did get the other one! Wonder if 'grandma' will get some??

How cool is this! A digital photo album! Bob said that's the perfect gift for someone like 'you' that takes all these pictures! It holds 60 images! Right up my alley for sure.Kids already loaded some pictures on it for me which is so nice! Except seeing the pictures of the kids in the pool makes me cold! Can you tell I'm not a swimmer!
My 2nd Birthday Toy!
Thanks, kids! I'm so lucky to have such a great family! Gee, I'll have to get out my label maker and put my name on my new digital photo album! I've arleady created labels for most of my sewing tools! I'll probably run out of label maker tape before we leave Florida!


  1. We are so glad you loved the gift. We just thought it was the coolest thing. Now when you go out you'll always have your pictures with you as you need your car keys to get you there...HA

    The snow in Michigan sure misses you! Your son and his family.... ;-)

  2. Hi Grammy...

    XOXO - Amber and Nick


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