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Friday, January 2, 2009

Another day in paradise..

This is Jack and Nickie who traveled to Florida with grandma and grandpa! Each week while in Florida, I send Amber and Nick postcards so this year I decided to do something different. This year Jack and Nickie will get their pictures taken while doing different things with us. I'll send pics back to the kids and they can see what we've been up to. This picture is the two of them sitting in the car on the way to Florida. They kept grandpa awake while he was driving!
Ah, retirement...guess it's worth it putting in those 30+ years of working to be able to retire and keep busy doing what we what rather then what we have to do! Bob's not golfing until later this afternoon so our morning has been very relaxing with coffee and reading the paper. Temp was 53 this a.m. and high today should be in the high 60's, which is perfect for me!
Yesterday afternoon, we went to a wonderful buffet at one of our friends house with 8 or so other couples. The food was fantastic and the company was such fun. I got to see a few of the ladies I know from here and I did get to see my quilting friend, Susan. She and I are getting together next week to see all the projects she's completed since I saw her last. Susan's workmanship is spectacular! She's won several ribbons at some of the big quilt shows and I'm looking forward to spending time with her.

Haven't seen my friend, Carol, yet but we'll be off shopping and eating soon I hope! We do want to get to the library to get our books and tapes we have on order so that should be on the agenda for Sat. Carol and I always have fun in Florida and we can usually talk the 'guys' into taking us to dinner! So until tomorrow..enjoy the day and I'll try to!!


  1. Jack and Nickie are darling :) Enjoy that beautiful weather!

  2. Wow - Looks like the 2 had a fun ride down... Can't wait to see the next adventure...

    Thanks Grammy - Amber & Nick


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