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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

36 & Sunny!

No, I'm not talking about me (36 & sunny!). It's 36 degrees right now (8:00 a.m.) but sunny! There is a good breeze out there so not sure how the golfers will do today.

We had a fun time last night with dinner out (again!). We were with Susan, her hubby, Harvey and John and Marilyn. It was Harvey's BD on Sunday so this was a day late celebration. John was a very good 'bus' driver showing us sights and areas I haven't seen before! But he did get us home safe and sound after a good meal. We ended up at a restaurant called Carmichael's. This was an established restaurant that was in business for 19 year before closing 3 years ago when the owner retired. Last year, the owner decided to reopen and that's where we ended up. We were trying to find 'Randy's Rib Shack' which is another story! Carmichael's has the best 'pot pie' which I think 3 had last night. They are known for their bread pudding, which Bob had along with John and Marilyn. Harvey had a rich dessert of chocolate pie (Susan snuck a few bites!) and I had carrot cake (lots of frosting!). I did bring half of mine home! OK, so everyone else had a half order - I got a whole order of cake so I could take home!

Today is 'frog' day with lots of sewing. Tomorrow is Carol & Tony's anniversary and we'll be going, guess where! Out to dinner! Susan and I are having a quilting adventure on Thursday to spend some of her money (not mine!). Of course, we'll find someplace to eat on Thursday too! You expel a lot of energy spending money! Guess I better stay home today and cook dinner! I found a recipe for salmon I want to try and depending on how good it is I'll post tomorrow! Bob and I are off for our walk this morning. Just hope we don't get blown away!

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