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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Florida sewing room

So here are some pictures of where I do my work while I'm in Florida. The first is my cutting table. It faces the window so it's nice and bright in my room (I can look outside which I like).
This is my machine set up where I sew! There's that same window on the right (that's a for sale sign in it right now..I keep meaning to move it to another window but haven't done that yet!). This set up actually works very well, except when I'm quilting a large piece...then the fabric falls off the back of my plastic table extension. I could turn the table around and lay the end of the quilt over the bed but that would be too easy! I don't make that many large pieces so this works for me.
And this is the bed that's on the left side of my machine set up. Makes it handy to lay my pieces on and just for general sewing. All in all it's a decent set up for the three months. I can adjust to most 'things' and this does work for me. I do all my fabric painting in the Lani on the table looking outside, so that way I don't make a mess in the house.

Here's a sneak peak at some of what I'm doing with my frog piece..actually, this placement isn't how it might end up but you get the drift. I'm working on making lots of lily pads and other leaves, bias stems and cat tails right now.

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