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Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's a tough life!

Boy, I thought I was busy back in good old Michigan but it's always go, go, go here in Florida! No wonder some folks travel back to their 'home' states for a month or two! They have to rest up for the remainder of the year they live here! It's quite warm today mid 70's already but I'm not complaining! Nice to have the windows open and fresh air. Bob and I took our walk this a.m., read the paper, had our breakfast then he went golfing and I ran errands. Had to take 'Nickie' and 'Jack' to the library with me! Have to have my books on tape to listen to and my books to read!
Well, no pics today...just too busy to take time out but I am starting on several art projects so hopefully I'll have some work in progress to post! Enjoy the day!

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