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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yep, yesterday was another year past for me...starting the next year in my life (depending on how you look at BD's!). Now I get to collect social security! Can't beat that! Just another reason working those 30+ years was a good idea!

We had a really nice day. Bob and I took off and went shopping! What can I say, I have a husband who likes to shop! We were going to go out for breakfast but I opted out since we were going out to dinner with friends. Just too much eating out...did I just say that! When is eating out too much! OK, sometimes it is. But we did have a great meal out last night with our friends, Carol, Tony, Peggy and Sammy! Great friends, great food and just a nice evening. Carol had all of us back to their house for cake and ice cream! Now you can't beat that at all!

I did some work on my 'frogs' which you can see below. I'm going to paint some dark shades of blue onto the water background sometime today, then I'll start placing lily pads and greens. Each frog will have a 'saying' in a balloon above their heads. You can see one of the balloons above the orange frog. He's the one 'waiting to be kissed'. Poor frog! But there's always hope, isn't there!

And look what my daughter sent me for my birthday! Check it out! Dawn has told me how much I would use a label maker but my priorities (or is it just my memory - I kept forgetting) kept me from buying one. Well, it's the coolest gadget! I love my label maker! A must have for us folks who go to workshops, classes or just going to a friends house to do some work. We all have the same tools so it's easy to leave your tools behind or get them mixed up with someone. Thanks, Dawn!!!

I just made a label for my rotary cutter and put another one on my scissors...Mandy is next! Or maybe I'll just put one on Bob!

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