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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Frog progress

I made some progress on my frogs and their 'pads' today..not much but some. I did get the background fabric painted yesterday for my water and I did some rocks and played with a log today. I'm hoping to put this frog a a log of some sort..but I'll have to wait and see.
Can you guess which frog is 'waiting to be kissed'! It's the little Orange guy! He doesn't look like a frog someone would want to kiss does he! I did go over to my friend, Susan's house today and I got to see some of her projects shes worked on for the past 9 months. Susan does beautiful work and has won several awards, including best workmanship. I certainly wasn't disappointed in what she's done. Her work is beautiful and she has a great eye for designing her pieces in addition to her workmanship. I did forget my camera today so I'll have to get pictures of some of her pieces on Sat. when we attend the Weaver's Meeting. It's also the day we turn in our grab bag challenge pieces from last spring. Can't wait to see what everyone has done.
Tomorrow (Wed.) is vet appoint for Grace to get her nails and beak 'done'. I do need to stop at the library and run some other errands so Grace will have a morning out! Until tomorrow! Enjoy. It was 78 today and a light breeze which made it feel cooler then yesterday when it was only 72 (did you get that 'only'!).

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  1. Those frogs are adorable! You do such lovely work, Robbie :)


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