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Friday, January 23, 2009


Another cool morning (28) but expected to get into the high 60's again. Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day for out outing. Susan and I did our shopping in Trenton and I never wore my coat! We did our fabric shopping first and here's where I contributed to the economy! I bought four different fabrics and 2 needle threaders! The old eyes aren't like they used to be.
After getting exhausted with spending money, we had lunch at the quilt shop's tea room. A really good lunch. I had chicken salad on lettuce and Susan had potato soup w/half a sandwich. We left the quilt store/tea room and walked to some of the other stores in town. Now you have to realize this is a VERY small shopping district. I did find some silk cocoon and silk pods and threads at , of all places, a Cross Stitch store! I've used the silk cocoons and pods before in my art work for butterfly's. They look weird but they are fun to work with and you can do a lot with them.

I hope to use them in my 'nature' journal quilts this year. One of the fiber groups I belong to creates a small journal quilt monthly so that's a good place to try different techniques and our theme this year is 'nature'.
Back to our day out! We had to have some dessert after walking, so Susan and I went back to the tea room! You have to see their display case for desserts. It's filled with so many goodies it was hard to pick. But I had a lemon filled cake which was excellent! Susan was good and only had a chocolate chip cookie. It looked homemade and Susan did say it was good (as she was licking her fingers!). Just a nice ending to a nice day.
Well, Bob and I are off to library (no, not Bob - just me picking up some books!) then to check out a local market that's new in the downtown area. They're supposed to have some fresh veggies and other items for sale. Another day in paradise!

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