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Friday, January 30, 2009

Perfect child, of course!

Of course I know Amber is perfect! I'm a grandma! Amber received this for her perfect attendance this period. Isn't that great! Congrats, Amber!! Grandma and Grandpa are proud of you!
Bob's off to a golf show in Orlando today. This is just like a Quilter's Festival except for golfers! I'm sure it's not as much fun as festivals we attend but the guys enjoy the day seeing all the new golf 'things'..not sure what they call their 'things'. I'd still prefer fiber and fabric to touch and see at a show. Carol and I are going to go to a farmer's market and some other tooting around town today.
I did finish a fiber post card yesterday (actually two of them) and I'll post those next week. I'm still working on my Beardsley piece for the fiber group I belong to. It's due in two weeks and I should be finished by then. It was only (I know, only!) 49 @ 7 today and will get in the mid to high 50's. Still beats the cold and snow and if the sun shines that's fine with me. Warming trend is on its way again.


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