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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday & Fog

Yep, we have fog this a.m. It's 46 degrees but you can barely see the trees on the golf course, that's how foggy it is. But beats the snow. We're enjoying our coffee, reading the newspaper and talking about our day. Which consists of golf and sewing! Go figure!

Yesterday was a busy day. Bob went golfing and I was sewing 'frogs'. My friend Carol called and asked if I wanted to go to Panera's for coffee (one of our 'haunts') so of course I said, yes. Frogs can wait! So off we went to Panera's and Michael's (have to use that 50% coupon that was burning a hole in our pockets!). Here's what I bought with my 50%'er. It's a bead that's about 2" in size. I"m going to use it in my Nature journal for February for the CCC fiber group I belong to. It's actually more 'brown' in color so guess what colorway I'm working on next!
I'm on this 'kick' of working in monochromatic so this month I did a nature journal quilt (8 1/2" x 11") depicting 'water' and I worked in blue. I painted a background piece in blue, then I added a piece of blue chiffon on top; quilted and beaded the piece. Looks like water to me! OK, so I'm trying to get 'deep' into my art but maybe it's not working! I'm still having fun so that's what counts, right! Here's the 'water' piece I made.
Came back home, worked on frogs and another art piece, then hubby called. He and Tony were going to a golf store and Carol and I were going shopping! Isn't it nice when your husband tells you to go shopping! So off we went again to shop! I didn't find anything but we stopped (again) at Panera's for a late lunch/early dinner. The guys ate at Steak 'n Shake so we were all fed for the day! Back to the Pinto's to watch the football game on their wonderful HDTV set! We did go back home to watch the Steelers game which turned out good for the Steelers! I'm sure my sister was jumping up and down (for those who don't know I was born and raised in Pennsylvania). So that's my stressful life right now! Decisions, decisions...what to do next on vacation! We'll see!

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