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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

More layering!

First, here is another shibori piece I dyed over the weekend.  I'm happy with to use it in a project!
Well, what else do you do when you have 'ugly' or not so great results from dyeing or printing fabrics!  You redo them somehow!  That's what I did yesterday with some buds here in Florida.  These are all scrap pieces with exception of the blue mono printed.  That is a full yard of fabric I dyed several years ago.

After - stamping


After - mono printing

These next pieces were some of my Solar Fast failures - only because I forgot and left them out in the sun after I removed the transparency!!  Once you rinse them the dye image/print is set...big oops but a great opportunity to 'fix' the failures! All of these were stamped.

This was an old mono print I had done a few years ago so I just stamped with metallic paint. I know I can use all of these pieces somewhere in my upcoming projects!


  1. Great rescues! When you don't care for the result, just add layers.

  2. I see you have been having lots of fun playing and rejuvenating your fabrics. Those blues have me swooning! Playtime with Friends...Priceless!


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