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Thursday, March 3, 2016

A little painting! But not fabric!

And in between beading, I've been doing a little painting!  Last year I painted 'Gracie' the cement Flamingo Jan and Larry have in their landscape, at the front of the house.  She was looking pretty pale so I painted her.  She looked pretty good last year but as soon as we pulled up this winter I saw how faded she had become!

This was Gracie after I painted her last spring.  Not bad...

You can see the difference  when I started to paint her.  She looked kinda sickly and pale didn't she!
 Must be all the sun/heat here in Florida!  HA

And here she is all redone!  Yep, she is pink!  But she seems happy!  HA  Hope Jan and Larry think she looks ok!!

Bob thinks she is too pink but I think she looks good!  Flamingo's turn darker pink or paler pink/orange depending on the amount of salt in their diet!  Didn't know that did you!  See you learn something new every day!
I'm also painting some fabric with Solar Fast and negatives.  More on that in the next post!


  1. Hummmm…I wonder if I could have a redo like that!! Cover the gray, cover the age spots, oh and ya……get rid of the wrinkles!

  2. I saw this re-do on FB. I love this Flamingo. I one one set...still in the box..of those birds that the factory quit making. I'm going to try to remember to put them out by the pond this year. I would love a Gracie.
    xx, Carol

  3. I think Gracie looks refreshed and downright rosy. I'm sure she' much happier.

  4. Gracie is very Pretty in Pink. If you are going to be a pink Flamingo then you should truly be PINK!! It is very thoughtful of you to give Gracie a fresh blush! Happy painting...


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