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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's squirrel time!

You might get tired of seeing the progress on my squirrel but it is my blog, after all, and I like to keep progress on my pieces!  Sooooooo

I found this free coloring page of a squirrel and printed out.  To be honest, I couldn't remember which stabilizer(s) I used to print on or to back my piece.  I had to look it up in the QA magazine (Oct/Nov. 2015 issue) for my article!  See why I document so much!

Next up I dug through my wonderful gift bag from the fiber arts bee in Gainesville to pick out some blues to use.  Someone put in the bag several strands of the perfect blue seed bead! So I started to use them to outline the squirrel and use for some of the darker areas.

The weather has been perfect to sit outside and bead! And I've made some progress!  The whole piece you see here measures 8.5" x 11" but he'll be smaller than that, then cut out and sewn onto a quilted background piece.

Now, why a blue squirrel, you ask?  Well, our Masters traveling exhibit back in Michigan has George Rodrique, who painted the Blue Dog, as one of the 6-7 artists to interrupt an art quilt for the exhibit.  Of course most of us in our fiber group are making a blue dog into a quilt.

I got thinking that I didn't want to do a blue dog and decided why not bead a blue squirrel instead!   I actually started sewing blue hexes because I was going to do a blue dog and I still might after the blue squirrel.  Right now I need a lot of hand work to be able to take with me or to work on at night or during the day...that is if I can stay home during the day!

I started a dog training class with Gigi to work on her dog aggression.  We are having good days and not so good days...but otherwise, she is a doll!  And of course, I have my days of tooting around with my friends!   Another beautiful, sunny day so I'm headed to the lanai to bead!


  1. You are so clever……providing a page to color!!!

  2. Nothing wrong with a blue squirrel. Sure better than a dead squirrel. I thought of you the other day when I saw PURPLE squirrels in an art project. How big is the squirrel? I never get tired of seeing your art progress.

  3. Some may ask, "why a blue squirrel"...but many more will ask, "why didn't I think of that???" Love it :-)

  4. You found a really nice and detailed image for your project. This will be fun to watch as it develops. And yes, the weather is getting nicer and nicer. Have fun with this.

  5. I LOVE your blue beaded squirrel. He will be BLUEtiful when all finished. So nice you can use your gifted blue beads. Bead On Dear...
    P.S. GiGi is so adogdorable!

  6. Oh, I can tell I'm going to REALLY like your blue squirrel! I don't see how you keep track of your beads when traveling or beading outside. I always had trouble with that. I have one of those velour pads so the beads don't roll around. I also have tried one of those sticky pad things designed to keep the beads corralled. Nothing has really worked for me.