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Friday, March 11, 2016

Another night at the Freezer!

I  forget to post earlier this week our Freezer night out!  Monday afternoon we picked up Hamill's and LaPlante's and headed over to the Miller's for a night of shrimp at the Freezer!  This isn't a place to eat for everyone but it is my hubby's favorite, as it is for the rest of the gang!  We had a fun night as usual...which you can see below!

This is the back of Larry's shirt!  A Valentine gift from his beautiful wife to him.  Seemed to fit the night except there were no margarita's involved in this dinner!

Patricia is trying to tell everyone to behave!  They don't really listen!

Bob has a picture of Jan doing what Patrick is doing now...only she was more lady like using only 1 pitcher!

This is a hard group to keep control of!

Bob looks like he just got caught at doing something bad!  Probably was!

And of course, the main reason I like to go!  Blizzard's at Dairy Queen!!!  Yes, I can be bought for chocolate (only dark) and Blizzards!

Another great night of good food and good company...and we also ended up at Harry's with J and L Tuesday!  No eating out on Wed. but back at it on Thursday with the gang!  Now I'm off to do my 7 minute exercise which needs to be 171 minutes at the very least!  Whew!  Retirement in Florida is a lot of work!


  1. I want to go there!! I really think your life is one long party and the only reason that you come back home to Michigan is to recharge your battery for the next trip south!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Life is to be enjoyed and you and your group are very accomplished (it appears) at doing just this. Having fun is quite an asset my dear. I seriously do not know how you stay so very trim but I know how you stay so very happy...dark chocolate and DQ Blizzards! Pure Bliss...


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