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Monday, March 21, 2016

What is it!?

It's a wine cozy!

A friend gave me a little wine cozy her friend made her and she thought I could figure out the pattern from hers.  Sally thought I'd like to make some too!   I forgot to take a picture of hers but they all look the same.

Well, I didn't need another project but I thought I would at least see how the bugger was made so that I could make one when we got home.

Once I turned hers inside out and saw it was easy to do I couldn't wait!  I made one within 20 min. yesterday!  I didn't have a lot of scrap fabric to use but isn't it clever!   Now I want to get some fabric and make lots of these!  Nice house warming or hostess gift!

I started off creating a circle template from an old cereal box (sometimes we revert to our past traditions don't we!).  I had to turn Sally's cozy inside out and I figured out it was only 5 circles!!

  And you only sewed once around!!  So quick and so cute.   This was the back....

And here you go!  all I need is to fill  up the glass with wine!  Which I think I'll do now!!!


  1. These are cute. Don't you just wonder how someone thinks up something so easy..then it just takes off!! We don't drink wine, but our glasses are stemmed and this is a great idea in place of a coaster. Cool!

    1. I am going to do a tutorial on these. So easy and so cute

  2. Wait...I don't have one to turn inside out and see how it is made. ;o(
    Could the five circles be folded in half and in half again and then all be sewn into a circle of one? No this does not make sense to me. Looks like a lovely way to keep the coaster on the glass and also identify who's is who's. Great hostess gifts indeed.

  3. I learned how to make these a few years ago and thought it was ingenious! Then it took me another year to figure out that I was supposed to slip the bottom of the glass INSIDE the cozy. Duh.

  4. Robbie, this is very cute and practical. I would be interested in seeing the tutorial. I can be very "craft-challenged"!


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