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Monday, March 28, 2016

Switching Gears!

You know I get bored working on one project...hence, the fill in with the wine cozies!  So this week I started on some hand embroidery for the Solar Fast prints I did this winter.  This is one of the pieces I'm starting to embroider, you can see the rest of the Solar Fast pieces here.

This is my progress so far. 

 The color of the piece is more like the 1st picture.  I took this one in the dark!  The piece is backed with some batting so I'll have to think about how/where I'm adding borders to the piece.  I want it a tad larger.  Hmmmmm  I might resort to the QAYG method by Marianne.  I love her method and think it will or should! work for what I want to do.  Who knows!

My wrists have been killing me lately so the hand embroidery is a good switch from beading.  I started to wear a brace while I bead or embroider, which is helping.  I've also found it helps just to wear the brace while I'm doing laundry or working around the house.  You just have to remember not to wash your hands while it's on!  UGH...doesn't feel so good as it's drying!


  1. Lovely leaves you are going to embellish. Your hand work is always so interesting. I am sorry to hear of your wrist hurting. I have a brace to wear but it always gets in my way so I tend to "forget" to wear it until the pain reminds me. Beautiful (pain-free) week to you dear...

  2. I am splitting my time between hand quilting, "extreme" embroidery, and my little hexis--all handwork. I certainly know what you mean about wrist pain. I, too, wear a brace when it gets really painful. It did get bad enough I had to resort to time off of handwork for awhile. That was REALLY hard for me. I'm always interested to see what you do with your pieces. I might get the embroidery done; but then I'd put it away, and it might never see the light of day. I often get lost after the stitching. I look forward to seeing your finished project.


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