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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Working away...but not for long...

I've made pretty good headway on these two pieces....

But I am planning on taking a few days off from hand work.  Left wrist is quite bad, so until next time....Just call me 'gimpy'!


  1. You have made good progress. Don't like hearing that your wrist is giving out- you have too many projects on hand and in your mind's eye! Hope the brace and a few days of rest will help.

  2. So sorry to hear of your wrist giving you troubles. You are very wise to listen to it and give it a good long rest. Healing Energy Hugs Dear...

  3. Oh owwww! I'm so sorry about your wrist. It just drives me crazy when I have to take days off that I wasn't planning for. Hope it mends up quickly, but more importantly, COMPLETELY! <3

  4. Love those leaves, great stitching. Hope the wrist is feeling better.


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