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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blue Squirrel Progress

I am making progress BUT...there's always a "but" isn't there! To make for a shorter post (those who know me know that I could drag out this explanation!)....the beads I am using for outlining and shadowing are #10 seed beads, which are larger than the #11 seed beads I have for the rest of my squirrel!

So what does all this mean!  Hopefully, it doesn't mean I have to start over and I can fudge smaller beads to fill in. fault I didn't check.  I did go to the bead store yesterday to purchase some #10 beads but all they had were Delica's, which are more uniform. And I picked up some #15's as well...heck, if I'm going to mix bead sizes, might as well go all the way!    Who knows...he might end up having more texture than expected!  You never know do you!!  I am removing those beads under his chin and replacing with smaller seed beads!   So I better get busy on this little guy!!


  1. Before I even read to the last portion of your post I was going to suggest just mixing various sizes of blue beads…..which should allow you to fit beads into every nook and cranny. It’s looking very good already!

  2. More is always better when it comes to fabric and beads! You have a "make it work" moment, and I'm sure you will. Possibly the mix will catch the light differently and make for interesting shadows, and it will be "bead-full" as Mary noted above. Good luck.

  3. Knowing you a little bit I am certain that you will make this beaded project turn out even more magnificent than if you had used uniform sized beads. I love it already!

  4. No matter what crafty thing you do, you NEVER have everything you need...Never. Your squirrel is looking very blue...errr...great!!
    xx, Carol

  5. Blue Squirrel is taking shape and think he looks rather dapper in blue. Assorted sizes of beads will give lots of dimension and texture. Bead On Baby...


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