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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Squirrel Time!

The little guy is coming along...slowly but surely!  It's so hard to bead at night here for some reason!

 It could be the two dogs that want to sit on my lap or beside me at night!  Hmmmmmmm  Last night was the first night I was able to bead while watching TV!  Kalee did lay beside me and Gigi just laid on the couch...until it was mom time!

Back to the wine cozies I posted about on Monday....I am so hooked on these buggers (and it's all your fault, Sally!).  I think they are the cutest items to make and have! So what did I do yesterday...I had Bob drop me off at the fabric store while we were running errands...why, you ask!  Well, to get some fabric to make more cozies, of course!

Actually, I needed some border fabric for my leaf pieces I want to hand stitch.

I'm only going to use the dark black batik and the bottom fabric for the cozies.  Which, by the way, I'll be doing a step by step post on how to make those.  It's really quite easy but some have inquired.

 The other 3 are for the border fabrics.   So I best get off this computer and get to work, right!


  1. A few stitches or beads each day- that' what it takes to keep us happy!

  2. I saw blue squirrels somewhere wondering around the net. Made me think of you. I can't imagine how people that don't have a hobby survive. Thanks for sharing yours and thanks for continuing to blog.
    xx, Carol
    Happy Easter!

  3. Blue Squirrel is looking stunning and I love your beading with shading. Fabric? What a wonderful habit to have. I am looking forward to your tutorial on making the wine glass coasters. They will be great gifts and mailable...bonus! Happy Beading Dear...

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