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Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Solar Fast prints

I've mentioned in one of my post(s) about Linda McLaughlin and the hand stitching she does on her weekly leaves.  Linda's work is amazing and has inspired me to attempt to create something from leaves I've printed.
I do like working with Solar Fast as a form of sun printing.  Back in 2014, I was a guest writer and did a few posts on different forms of sun printing.  One of those being Solar can see that post here.   The unique part of using this product is your print comes from a transparency or negative that you've printed a picture on.

The leaf above may be hard to see, especially since it is on its side!  The pic above is the transparency on the fabric sunbathing!

And here are some of that leaf printed!

And this is the 2nd transparency I used...

And some results....

You may recognize the transparency above as I've used this before and have a piece that I'm working on for our exhibit (yea, hand stitching!).  You can see it here.  Actually, I do have some stitching done on it - machine stitching just to outline it.  This piece will be used for the masters exhibit - inspired by Rick Loudermilk.

Not the best picture...but you get the idea.  I'm quite happy with the pieces I printed today.  I think they'll be perfect for hand stitching.  Yes, I do like working on multiple projects at the same time...just depends on my mood!


  1. Solar printing isn’t a technique that I’ve had experience with…….after seeing your results I will be givingit a try…..

    AND….yes….Linda’s work is perfection!

  2. Love the leaves. Sometime you should share a toutorial of this technique.

  3. Those leaves are gorgeous, now I'm thinking I should do some more transparencies. They also work well with blueprinting.

  4. I really like your solar printed leaves on fabrics. Your hand stitching is always amazing. Soggy Saturday and Sunday here...No solar...just lots of glorious rain we need.

  5. Those turn out very nicely! And enhancing them with hand stitching- just the ticket. Will have to look into this technique further.