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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Audition time

I don't bring much fabric with me to Florida anymore...just too much to stuff in the car with all of our other belongings and toys for the four months.  I did a post on the Solar Fast prints I've done while here to create leaves for another upcoming project (you can see that post here).  I plan on doing lots of hand embroidery and/or beading on those leaves but I want to add some borders or patchwork.  So, it's audition time using the fabric I have with me!  Which isn't much.  The stripe fabric I bought when Susan and 2 others took a trip to Trenton quilt shop.    

I'm not sure if these will work or not...just playing around and anxious to have another hand project to work on.  I get bored working just with beads so I like to have a machine or other hand embroidery project to keep me busy!

And while having a show and tell with buds here in Florida, I showed this piece I did using thickened dyes (post here).  As I was showing it, I said "I think I'll use this for the background to put my Blue Squirrel on! "  The fabric just seemed to fit!  Well, I may change my mind but for the time being...this will be Blue Squirrel's new home!

 I think the squirrel will look good on this background!  I'll machine quilt it first then attached the little guy after all the beading is finished.  The picture above shows the true colors better than this pic but you get the idea.

Today (Tuesday) there are seven of us taking a horse drawn carriage tour of a horse farm!  The tour is an hour long then we'll be off for a lunch!  Hope to have some good pics to show later this week!


  1. Your FL time is so well balanced……time to create your fabulous projects and time to explore the area and have fun with girlfriends…… We all need some of both!

  2. Love the colorful background fabric for blue squirrel. You always combine the most amazing fabrics, embroidery, quilting and/or beads to get such interesting Works of HeArt.


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