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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Back to playtime!

 Saturday was busy...I left early for the Farmer's Market then home to give Gigi a bath and blow dry.  Her coat is starting to grow so she will look like a 'real' Bichon in no time!  I made Bob and I some lunch using one of the tomatoes I bought, added a little hummus, cheese and finished off with grilling the bread.  Yum!!!

Then it was playtime for mom!  I was watching Design Matters TV a few nights ago and wanted to play along with Laura and her dye painting.

I'm happy with each of the pieces and it was a nice break from dog training!  But that's another post for another blog!  Kalee and Gigi's!  HA

I really like this one and plan to use it for another "inspired by" quilt based on MaryAnn Beckwith.

This one turned out too.  Both of these pieces were painted onto white cotton sateen.

This was a piece of blue commercial fabric.  Doesn't look like much but in person the colors are pretty cool.  Great for fiber postcards!

This is a cool piece...again...great background for fiber cards...birthday fiber cards...yep...perfect!

This is what the fabric above looked like before I dye painted it! I did this years ago at our dye camp using bubble wrap.
So that was my fun yesterday!  Today I took both dogs on a short (3/4 mile) walk...just getting too hot; made some zucchini cookies, working on laundry and now I'm off to do dog lessons.  Sure keeps a gal busy!  Hopefully, I'll get in some hand stitching.  I'm making good progress on my patchwork #2 piece.


  1. You paint colors are gorgeous! What kind of paints (or dye) did you us?

  2. Your colors are so intense and pretty. I was wondering what paints you used, too. Lovely work!

  3. Lovely colors and the fabric pieces are wonderfully alive now. You certainly do stay busy and then some! Wonderful Week Ahead...

  4. Fabulous successes……..I mean really fabulous!!