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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Patchwork #2 progress

I am making progress on this piece for the 'Inspired by' exhibit, which opens in February at the White Lake library here in Michigan.  I need to have this and four other projects finished before we leave in December.  That's my target!  I hate target dates!  But, oh well!

I plan on some additional stab stitching in the plain areas but will use thread to match the background.  In this case, I don't really want that stitching to stand out so I won't use opposite color threads as I did in the circle/line areas.  At least that's my plan!  Oh,those darn plans of mine get me in trouble and a lot of 'unsewing'!!

Oh, in between my 'life' I did get the front porch painted a week ago!!!  Forgot to post!  Was reminded when I read Carol's (Beads and Birds) post this week!


  1. OMGosh! I can't tell you how much I like this piece. Those colors used together always stir excitement in me. I love your front porch. I wish I lived in an area where white looked so pristine. We have a mulch factory near us that stirs up so much dust in the air that we can't keep anything dust free, inside or out.
    xx, Carol

  2. Your stitching is exciting! And I see two cute little doggies in the door.

  3. The colors are so vibrant, esp. set off with the black….and you’ve got plenty of texture happening with the well designed hand stitching… go girl!!!

  4. This stitching and colorway is electric and exciting! Your freshly painted white porch is divine and welcoming. Yes, the plans we make...thank goodness we are flexible and adaptable. High on Life July...

  5. Happy World Embroidery Day Julie!! It's a day to promote creativity, embroidery and a peaceful movement. All the best :)


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