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Monday, July 6, 2015

Dinner on the 4th...well, really the 5th!

Darrin and Kris invited us over for a post 4th of July dinner on Sunday, which was FANTASTIC!  Although, we have never been to either of the kids homes (Dawn or Darrin's) and NOT had a great meal!  Darrin loves to grill and smoke meat so of course he grilled tenderloin and grilled salmon, which were awesome!!  

Of course, Kris is also a great cook and made some wonderful dishes!   It's always hard to stop eating when we are invited to dinner.   I was in charge of  baking my 'famous' lemon pie as well as a strawberry pretzel desert/salad.  I made two pies as Kris' mom likes it and I always want her to take some home.
 It really was such a nice afternoon visiting with the kids and Kris' mom, dad and her sister and their family.
The kid enjoy the pool so much and I did get lots of videos of them splashing and jumping...yep, fun for them!  And yes, that's Brody behind the post walking along the pool!  He's afraid of the water but gets quite excited when the kids splash and scream!

Just such a nice, beautiful day...especially being with family.  Jeff and Dawn were headed back from a short vacation to Boston to visit friends so I missed them but I'm anxious to hear about their trip!  Clam bake and more!

Now back to some sewing and artwork!


  1. Lovely weather and a lovely time! Strawberry pretzel dessert? Interesting.

  2. Good food and good company and family all together is wonderful. Looks like a successful day. What is that strawberry pretzel dish???

  3. Funny, I was just thinking that I should make a pretzel dessert. Everyone always loves it. Since I just went to the doc and found I have not gained a pound in the last year, I think I really should reward myself, lol.

    It was so nice to have great weather on the 4th weekend. But I almost wish it had rained at night. ALL of our neighbors shot off Big Boomers that scared the dogs to death. We even had a brick go off at 4:56 AM on the 5th. Who raised those kids anyway.

    xx, Carol


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