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Friday, July 31, 2015

Birthday summer!

There sure are a lot of BD's in the summer!  Family and friends.....Amber turns 16 on Sunday, which is SO hard for me to believe!  Looking forward to her celebration weekend coming up! I wanted to make sure to make our friends fiber cards for their BD's this year so yesterday I got working on a few of them.

Keep in mind these are finished yet with edges and address/message on the back.  That's my plan for today!  These are for 'male' friends so I tried to not get too "oofy" with them!

So now it's time to get these finished and ready for the mail.  Then back to hand stitching on my patchwork piece.  I do have five projects to finish before we leave in December!  And I still have dog training to do!  Just shoot me!


  1. What GREAT designs for a male…..wouldn’t have thought of making cards for that species! It works!!

  2. Love your fiber cards and these are wonderful for the males having August birthdays. Needle and Thread and Dog Training don't sound like they go together well. More hours in the day please...


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