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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Unsewing, stitching and busy weekend!

First up is my patchwork #2 piece....I finished all the circle areas and now I'm working on filling in with stab stitch in open areas. I'm using thread to match the background so it's more subtle.

I just started on the left side filling in.

And here's the unsewing!  Well, not really but kinda!  Now that the hexes are sewn together I need to remove all those little hex papers so I can sandwich and quilt the bugger.  I still have quite a few papers to remove but it's good busy work!  HA

I'll leave the edge papers in until I start some quilting so they don't get too distorted.

I'm getting the hand stitching and  'unsewing' done at night, while dogs rest from all their daily activities!  This is my sewing table where I write my blog/computer work and sew!  Look who likes to lie and sleep on my table or are they watching!  I can't leave them up here...especially the little one!  She's a jumper...up or down!  So it's a lot of up and down lifting for me!  But I love the little buggers and it's a good weight bearing exercise!

I'm off today to the Art Fair with my bud Alice and then to lunch.  Should be a nice day and I'm looking forward to laughing with this neat lady!  Tomorrow is Amber's 16th BD!  I can't believe she is turning 16!!!  She is so very special, as each grand child is, but being the first born on my son's side, I think there is that extra attachment.  I know my mum was that way with Dawn Marie.  Something about the first born!  So off I go!!!


  1. You are right about the first born grandchild, though I am told the last born child is special in some sort of way. I only have one daughter so I can't relate. Gosh I love that piece you are working on. The color theme gets my pulse going faster I think!! Gotta love the dogs and all their little quirks. They are what keep empty nesters sane, lol.
    xx, Carol

  2. Your orange and blue piece is looking really good. Of course, I love the stitching. I can SO relate to taking out the EPP papers. I did that for a couple of hours this week.

  3. The Patchwork 2 piece is really, really special…….not that I’m actually judging it…..but it gets all E’s (excellent) in every category!

  4. Yes, that first born grandchild is truly special and then along comes another and is "just" as special. Love the little's on your table watching over you and what you are doing. Sew much Sewing!!! Looking beyond fabulous with your needle and thread embellishments. Staying Busy Summer...


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