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Monday, August 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Amber!

Yesterday was Amber's 16th birthday!  I still can't believe it was 16 years ago that Dawn and I drove to the hospital to meet her!  At that time, I was debating a retirement offer I was given by EDS....well, as soon as I held that little girl, I knew I was retiring!  And I started babysitting 6 weeks later, once a week.  Amber and I have bonded from being with her all day long each Wednesday.  I still go down to the kids weekly just to be with them.

 I gave Amber and her '1st' gift this headband...she had 15 other gifts to unwrap!  Just little items until she got the the last 3...#14 was a pink, metal credit card case, which had #15 and #16 gift cards wrapped!  The next time I wrap all these will be for her 21st BD!

Pics are out of order but this is my blog and I just want the pictures for the memories!

Kris surprised Amber on Saturday with a day at the spa then a surprise lunch with her girlfriends, then back to the house for swimming and a sleepover.  Amber was so surprised or "shocked" as Kris said!

Dinner is ALWAYS good...Darrin does the grilling..we had BBQ and grilled chicken..WONDERFUL!  And Kris always makes great side dishes!

Of course the cake was delicious as usual.  Kris' mom always makes the best cakes and this one was decorated to the nines!  Or should I say to the 16's!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Amber. Sixteen is a very special age. Your gifts and how you presented them are very thoughtful and wonderful. I love how you have gotten to be in her life so closely. Birthday Blessings...

  2. You have such a great relationship with your grands. One of the greatest joys we have is that our grands want to be with US. It's just about the best thing in life, isn't it! It sounds like it was a great 16th birthday and she'll have lots of great memories.
    xx, Carol

  3. Beautiful girl, beautiful story, beautiful gifts, yummy looking party food!!! Enjoy!!


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