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Sunday, August 9, 2015

More Birthday Fiber Cards

My DIL's mom, Nancy, has a birthday coming up next week.  She always makes the best cakes for any of the functions (she bakes other items that are good as well!)...but we love her cakes.

She also gave Kalee a couple of outfits to wear!  One is a bathing suit and the top is even padded!  I'll be taking pics when Kalee makes a visit to the Assisted Living home this week.  She also gave us another one that has a cute little dress with a vest!  I think it's smaller so it should fit Gigi!!!  So cute!

Anyway, I made her a BD card this week.  I started with some fabric I painted last summer and quilted the background.
It was too dark  for a BD fiber card so.....what to do!  Paint!  I tried different paints but ended up using a Stewart Gill Alchemy textile paint called White Mist.  It actually goes on with a blue sheen.  I think it was perfect to brighten up the background.  I just painted the feathers I had quilted.  

I use Solvy iron on interfacing that I've colored with pastels that  brush with water.  I iron this onto a piece of printer paper and feed through the printer.  Works for me!

I was going to leave Nancy's address so 'ya all' could send her a BD card but thought better of it!  


  1. This turned out nicely- you got some good contrast with the pain in the feathers. A bathing suit?? Too funny. Have fun on your upcoming visit. Will you get Gigi approved for visits as well?

  2. Beautiful and such a special birthday card. Your work is gorgeous dear! Looking forward to the Swimsuit photos. Serene Sunday...

  3. What a beautiful birthday card! I really like the feathers.


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