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Monday, August 17, 2015

Where is it????

Yep, I've lost it!  And I have looked all over but still no luck in finding it!  What is it?  TIME!!!!!  I am a fairly productive person but lately I feel like I just can't find the time for everything!  I am not one to just sit around watching TV or even just reading a book all afternoon (which sounds like something I would love to do!)  BUT...I always seem to have so much to do and don't want to waste time!  UGH...hate this feeling but life goes on so.....

I was hand stitching my hex horse #2 but after I did the stab stitch next to a circle I decided I don't like it!!  So....I'm thinking of removing the stab stitches in the one circle (on the right) and just keeping the other circle as is.

This coming weekend I, along with two others, will be headed to Tommy's house for a weekend of stitching!  We did this girls weekend two years ago and that year I took my sewing machine and worked on making a hum bug can see the post here.  I also did some hand stitching too which I forgot!  I was starting on my peacock, which is now ffinished.  We'll have show and tell so I will make sure to bring that piece along with some other small quilts.    I am bringing my hex horse piece to get feedback on the stitching.

 Anyway, this year I'm just bringing all hand work.  Seems that's what most of my projects consist of is hand stitching.  I love machine quilting but for some reason hand work seems to fit the last few art quilts.

This may look like a lot but the top part (bottom pic) is all hand projects (3 of them!).  The blue plastic bag are my quilts for show and tell.  It all fits in one carry bag.  Easy packing this year!

It should be an interesting weekend for Bob as he'll be home ALONE with the girls!  Just hope he survives and I don't have to return early!  YIKES!


  1. Hey…..I lost it too….so if found…..let me know where!!
    Enjoy your outing. I recall photos from two years ago….it looked like such fun…..

  2. Funny, but I was going to ask to borrow some time. But I see that you're flat out, too! Interesting your take on the stitched circles- the one says "circle", the other one less so. That pic of the girls is adorable. Good luck to Bob. enjoy your time away. One reason you may feel pushed is the packing/thinking. Whenever I go on retreat and am packing to go, I always ask myself why I've added this to the already-long task list. And yet when I'm there, I'm happy for the effort.

  3. Time is very elusive for all of us busy people. I cannot understand what people do with their time when they have NO hobbies or interests. Enjoy your retreat and I am certain Bob will enjoy his time with the girls. He will probably spoil them even more than normal. Safe Travels and I agree about the stab stitching so close to your circle stitching.

  4. I spent this afternoon cutting what I want to take. I would love to do some hand stitching but nothing os to that poinet yet and I am flat out of time as it stands. We'll see what tomorrow brings. There is a poece thag I need quilying advice on as well. Have several ideas but so far can't figure out an easy way to execute them. See you Friday!

  5. Your girls are so adorably cute -- how can you stand to leave them?

  6. LOL!! I immediately thought you might be looking for your seam ripper!! Why? Because I am constantly looking for mine! I'm going to pick up a few more since I seam to slip them in project boxes and have to hunt them down.

    Time...the elusive time. We are ALWAYS in search of time.

    xx, Carol


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