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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Relaxing Weekend! Part 3

First off this was our group at lunch on Saturday.  We ate at The Bridges Waterside Grille, which was on the water, duh! Really good food!!!  Definitely a place I would head back to just to try another dish.  I had grilled chicken with artichoke/spinach dip, which was excellent!  Very moist and tasty!

(L-R)  Mary, Irene, Me, Tommy, Mike (Tommy's sister - yes all the girls have/had boy's names!) and Gayle.
I'm started another project at Tommy's.  This doesn't look like much but I didn't start making these hex's until Friday afternoon!  I had 2" fabric strips cut but then had to cut the hex shapes and cut the hex papers then make the hex's and then sew them together.  Actually, I am thrilled with how many I did get sewn!  So that was my effort for the weekend.

These are 1" hexes and the piece is around 10" x 6".

Now to see what everyone else did and what the weekend was suppose to be all about!  As Tommy puts it, "get in the sweat shop and let's get to work"!  Gayle and Irene worked their little hearts out!  Of course, Tommy is more productive than any of us so she was busy making another dress for herself and sewing on binding and quilting some quilts!  I didn't get any pictures of her work!  So you'll have to go to her blog and you'll see from time to time what she did!  Or does!

So this is what the others did and some really nice work!!!  

Mary was doing some hand stitching on a piece of her ice dyed fabric

Closeup of her stitching and background.  Beautiful dyeing! Mary only stayed Saturday afternoon and look how much she did.

Irene was a working machine!

Another project by Irene

Another top by Gayle.  She and Irene were racing their machines!!!

A patchwork quilt top by Gayle


  1. Nice size group to share all the stitching goodness with. I love the patchwork projects- bright, colorful. I've made a test block in the Fractured style and love the bold zig-zag look. So it's fun to see one underway.

  2. Wow, lots of great work along with all the fun!

  3. Lottie asked me if I REALLY liked those curls on my face. Again. I whacked them off myself. Much better now.

  4. Those 1" hexies you are making look really pretty but like a really lot of work. Such fun to spend time together and getting sewing projects done.


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