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Friday, March 25, 2016

Wine Glass Koozie Pattern

So today I was a good person and took step by step pics on how to make the wine koozie (I spelled it cozie! on my post!).  You can see I made four more today!

Just for fun I thought I'd see if I could find the pattern on the Internet...well, who knew!  Yep, it's there...except it's called 'wine glass Kozzie' if you're interested, here is a tutorial already for you!

It's from Pokey Bolton (yep, the same QA founder!).  Thanks to her for writing all the detail for this one!  The link is here!

I'm giving these to my friend to share with her daughter.  So now I get to pick out some more fabric to keep on making these little beauties!



  1. Years ago a participant on one of my quilt tours brought these cuties for show and tell…….she wrote out directions and even gave me one as a sample…….you’ve reminded me….thank you. We use wine charms at our retreat but personalized ‘coasters’ would be even better… we often can’t remember which wine charm we selected!!!

  2. I think I've seen these, too. They make thoughtful gifts. Have fun!

  3. Thank you sew very much dear for sharing the link to make these. It will be super fun to select fabrics and make sets of these for hostess gifts. Happy Easter My Friend...

  4. I got a square one of these as a favor at the QU we have in Ann Arbor. It is much bigger than these and since it's square and I don't drink wine, I just use it aa a regular coaster in my sewing room! Thanks for the pattern I can make some up as gifts!

  5. I'm looking for your pattern. Where can I find it?


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