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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lunch with some buds!

This past week I met up with some friends for lunch and show and tell!  What a fun afternoon we had.
 Next to me was Nancy, Beth, Kay and Beth's friend, Bonnie, who was visiting from Michigan.  A great group of women...very talented and just fun to be with! Bonnie is only here for another week or so, but we might get to meet up with her one more time before she heads back to snowy Michigan!

Kay showed one of her great quilts she finished.  I'm sure you've seen her work before but if not, head over to her blog...grab a cup of coffee/tea/whatever and feast your eyes!

This is a piece Beth is hand stitching!  She originally had a rust piece which she added some stenciling and painted washers onto. I think this is a really cool piece and cant wait to see if finished!

Dang! I didn't realize I didn't get full shots of Nancy's fabrics she's been dyeing!  Some great pastel shades and beautiful organza dyed pieces.  Use your imagination!

Nancy did finish this kit piece which is outstanding!  Love the design placement and patterns.  She needs to replicate the patterns next time she's painting fabric!

I showed some of my shibori pieces and talked about my next project!  Which is beading a squirrel!  Yep...and guess what color he's going to be!  BLUE!  In our traveling exhibit in Michigan, one of our artists is George Rodrigue who created the Blue Dog.  Well, I know most in our group will be doing a 'blue dog' so I thought I'd mix it up and bead a blue squirrel!  Why not...right!  Here's my pattern that I'm going to bead......
I think it's kinda cute...he measures 8.5" x 11" and I've already started to outline him with some of the blue beads given to me by the Fiber Art Bee group.  You can read about my great gift here!  I'm putting to good use some of those beads!!!


  1. What a fun day you must have had……creative buddies are the best! Blue squirrel?!? Only you and I know it will be spectacular!

  2. Quality time wth friends...especially such talented PRICELESS! Love seeing sew many creative projects. I think a Blue Squirrel is going to be BLUEtful Dear. Bead On...

  3. Looks like some fabulous artwork, and I can't wait to see the blue squirrel!

  4. Such fun to share and see others' work!


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