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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Laughter aids digestion...

Well, I have heard that statement for years and I think it's true!  "Laughter aids digestion".   Thursday night the 'gang' (only 12 that night - missing Jan and Mac) ate at Savannah's Restaurant at Ocala National.  What a fun night and the food was great too!

I actually ate a burger!  The whole burger!!!  It was the Mexi Burger and delicious.  Bob had a beef/mushroom dish with cream sauce and mashed potatoes.  Others enjoyed their meals as well...but the most fun was paying a visit to the rest room with Jan M., Marilyn and Patricia!
 Of course the rooms looked more like someone's living areas....and this next picture you need to use your imagination and see Jan sitting on the couch!  I'm a good friend and will not post the picture I took...but for those who did see it, the picture will remain in our minds for a long, long time!
 We laughed so hard..we cried....but our food was digested well!!!!

 So next time you are at dinner with friends...don't go to the rest room alone...make sure you take at least 3 other woman with you!  I'll guarantee you that you'll laugh...especially if one of those friends is Jan Miller!  Just sayin'!