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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One Shiboi Result!

I posted last on the process for creating a shibori 'test' piece.   I posted on the process.  These are the results!  This is about 36" long and 8-10" wide.  Should make a nice panel or table topper.

 I'm happy with how the leaves turned out.  Lots of detail!  Circles...I only sewed around the circles and then only wrapped part of the 'excess'.  Next time, I want to stitch several rows within the circle.

Tuesday I'll be meeting up with some other ladies for us to do more stitching!  Should be a fun time!
I'm happy with how the piece turned out.  I think by adding some type of a border and doing some hand stitching or even beading it will make a nice piece.  This is at least 36" long x 8 or 10" so a good size to start wih!


  1. NICE!!! I actually rather like the circles as they are…….less detail helps to separate the leaf and circle shapes…allowing the eye to ‘want’ to travel throughout the piece.

  2. I agree with Mary....especially if you are planning to embellish the piece ....the circles as they are leave you more "play" area
    You are making me want to get out my dye.

  3. Oh, the texture of this! It turned out beautifully.

  4. Love how this turned out. The leaves have amazing fern fronds. I can see some wonderful alcohol inked washers stitched into the centers of the circles. It will be fun to see how you embellish this possible table runner.


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