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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hard at work!

 Yea, right...I am hard at work...actually, I did some sunprinting yesterday with so, so results. Not very exciting, I know...

I also used some Solar Fast but since it's been so long since I've used this product, I forgot you have to take your fabric out of the sun as soon as you remove the negative.  Why, you ask!  Well, if you don't you will lost your image!  Go figure!  I actually did several posts on And Then We Set It on Fire blog back in 2014...but did I look at my own 'words' before hand...nope!

I had a really cool imprint of a leaf so I could start on my first leaf embroidery piece but guess what!  You can't even see the wonderful image!  DUH!  Oh well...I'll redo this piece.  If you squint and look REALLY hard you might see this big leaf!  OK, well just imagine there's a leaf imprint thre.

I used stencils and Setacolor paints for achieve this. It really is a nice brighter orange shade than what appears here.

See that leaf on the bottom left board! It is a cool negative...I'll use it again with the Solar Fast!  I'm not all that excited with the setacolor pieces as I really wanted to  have leaves but will have a go at it again next week. Until then I'm working on our 12" block exchange.  They are due February 14th and guess who didn't have the target date on her calendar!  Hmmmmmmm


  1. I’m anxious to see how you utilize these pieces…..I know you will come up with something so creative!

  2. At least you have sunshine and can do it again. I do see the big leaf print. You'll meet your February 14th deadline...I have faith in your progress abilities! Creative Sunshne Bliss...


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