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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Saturday...back to art work!

 I really have been creating art by creating  the blocks for the 12" block exchange.  Now that they are finished, I can start some new projects.  Blog post on process will be later this week after they are mailed. Woo hoo!
I created these shibori designs back in 2009 (you can see post here).

  I used templates and patterns from Jane Callender's Callishibori web site.  She has some great patterns and good instructions.  Of course, because it's all hand stitching, it's right up my alley!

So today I grabbed a strip of fabric, traced some circles and added a few leaves using Jane's templates.

And here was my little bundle after pulling all the threads.  I forgot how much my hands hurt pulling threads!
My fabric is now in the dye bath and I hope to have the threads all cut out sometime tomorrow!
You are never sure what you'll get or not get!  Let's hope I get what I think I'm getting!!


  1. Wow you are good at this. Lots of hand stitching. Not my forte.

  2. Haven't tried this, but I do love the results. Would not have thought about hands hurting with pulling the stitches, but I can see that it is thread intensive, and those bundles are tight. This will be interesting.

  3. How fun to have a treasure hunt with fabric and thread and color dye. I do enjoy hand stitching. Did you use regular thread or heavier crochet cotton? I bet the thread makes a big difference in the dye patterns achieved. Oh I am excited to see your results...


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