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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

First off, this was a fiber Valentine I received from my Q bud, Susan, here in Florida!  She said she only makes one a year and I'm the lucky recipient!  Thanks again, Susan!

As you read this, I'll be heading to Apollo Beach to see my sister and some of my nieces and nephew!  My sister and Nancy are having a big celebration and the kids are flying in to see their mom!  I'm so excited to see them as I haven't been to Pennsylvania for about 15 years...or more!  All but one of my sister's kids, Mike, live in Pennsylvania.  Mike and his family just moved to Tenn.

I ended up making 36 Valentine fiber cards this year. The process was the same but the background fabric was different for about half of them.  I used either painted canvas or hand dyed cotton velveteen for the background.

I had two of my zentangle designs made into a thermofax screens through Lynn's web site and they came out great!  THANKS, Lynn! 
I screen printed the designs on top of one another.  I didn't just want the design to show totally.  In some cases you can see parts of the design and others just vague images.  

Lynn has made thermofax screens for me in the past and I've always been very, very happy with the results.  If you haven't tried thermofax screens to print with or you use them often, do check out Lynn's web site and have her make them for you! 

This group was the painted canvas that was screen printed, before I did the labels and edging.

Just some closeups of the printed design.
 This group is the painted cotton velveteen that was screen printed with the thermofax screens.

And this was the stack of cards ready to go.  I've heard from most that they have received them...which is better than last year!  

I mailed them out early (before Feb. 1st) just to make sure they arrived by Valentine Day.  One card I sent last year took a month to arrive!  At least it was stamped with the mail date so my friend knew when I sent it.  

So Happy Valentine day!  I'm off to be an Aunt again!


  1. Very nice! The screen served you well. Enjoy your travels- hope Gigi is back to full speed.

  2. I love your postcards, how kind you are to send them. I must get some thermofax screens made, yours are fabulous

  3. I do hope I thanked you for my beautiful Valentine postcard. I LOVE it! I just put it on my blog post today. Life is busy and good. Enjoy your celebrations dear.

  4. Thanks again for the card and thanks for tge info on how you did them!

  5. I loved your valentines and the color....interesting the way you used partail areas of the screen - very effective.


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