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Monday, February 8, 2016

Stitching Time!

Finally, I'm back to doing some stitching!  I can't show much of what I'm doing....we are making  12" blocks again to exchange with Tommy, Gayle, Irene, MaryAnn and myself.  This was our exchange in 2013 here;  2014 here .
We agreed to do another 12" challenge while visiting with Tommy this fall but I honestly don't remember hearing a target date...hence, I forgot all about it.  That is until Tommy sent out a note that she was mailing her 12" block!  WHAT!  I guess some knew that the target date was Feb. 14th and some didn't!  Yes, I had margaritas that weekend!  Blame it on the margarita's!  I guess beside making "your clothes fall off" (it's a song!!  I don't lose my clothes, honest!) they also make your brain go dead!  Who knew!

So I've been busy this week looking through the limited fabric stash I brought with me.  Fortunately, I had a yard of mono printed, hand dyed fabric I did a few years ago.  I also had some pink suede fabric that I incorporated in the design, which I stamped.

Now it's hand stitching time to get the pieces quilted, so to speak!  Then add some binding and ship the buggers off!  I may not quite make the February 14th date but I won't be far off.  Besides, I'm not the only one!  Thank goodness!

I should get caught up on all the TV shows I have taped...haven't had a chance to just sit and watch them...since I've been too busy eating, drinking and just goofing off!  It's Florida, folks!  You gotta go with the flow.

We have had more rain this week!! And it's been cooler as well.  For me, it's perfect weather (without the rain!) for walking dogs and just enjoying the cooler weather.  I'm not an 80's degree kind of gal!  I prefer 60-70's...that's also great stitching weather to sit out on the Lanai!

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  1. Hmmm...sitting on the Lanai in Florida sounds like Margarita time to me. Stitching will be good and I now you will meet that "unregistered' finish date. Love the colors you are working with. Embracing Stitching Bliss...