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Friday, February 19, 2016

Outing to Trenton!

Today, Susan, Verna, Marilyn and myself headed out to one of our favorite quilt shops called the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop.  What a great store and they have a wonderful cafe in front of the shop to boot!
So after some fabric shopping and lunch, we walked to the Quilt Museum a block away.  What a great museum.  Such interesting are a few!

This was an amazing quilt.  You can see how large it's almost up to the ceiling!  What great depth Ann achieved!  And she goes herself "not a quilter".

This next quilt, again very large!, contains all of the presidents up to Obama!  Each picture of the president was cross stitched on tiny canvas!  They were about the size of a playing card!  Another wonderful quilt.

This next quilt was a beauty and all hand quilted with tiny, tiny perfect stitches!

This gives you a better look at the hand quilting.

And to boot, check out the date (below) it was made.

This may look like a corner in the room but it's not!  That's a tube of lipstick Verna laid next to the 'room' for scale.

Susan is working on an apple core quilt, which is on this bed so we wanted to show her that she could work smaller!

And check out the little hex quilt on the bottom right (white piece).  I can't imagine working this small!!!  Amazing!

The quilter of this miniature pieces is Carol Henry from Florida.  Her work was amazing.  Susan said she has a book and has also seen her on TV.

There was a lot of lace work and crochet work that was beautiful.  I don't remember the date on this piece but it was old, old and in mint condition!  What a beautiful piece of work!    We had a really nice afternoon and got to appreciate some wonderful history!


  1. Love Trenton, and that museum is an added bonus. A quilting field trip is such a treat.

  2. What a wonderful quilt museum. There are sew many amazing treasures there. Thankfully being preserved. I do love and admire miniatures!