My Favorite Books

Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Favorite Book challenge

The Art Quilts Around the World  online challenge is "your favorite book".  And this is my finished piece!  Steps in Time by Fred Astaire!
As soon as I heard the challenge, the 1st book that popped up in my mind was 'Steps in Time' the autobiography by Fred Astaire.  I read this book while in high school and it was the 1st biography/autobiography I ever read.  I can still remember it like it was yesterday!  Funny, how some books just make such an impression on you.  It was such a good read!

This is the original cover on the book, which I think was published in '58 or '59.  Our library has a copy which I checked out several years ago to read again!  The Amazon link to  purchase this book, either in print or Kindle, shows a different cover.  I think I saw where it was republished in the '80s.  I like the original cover!

My clock was printed on a piece of fabric then buttonhole stitched via machine after I quilted the background.  Of course,  I added beading for the hands of the clock and for the 'hour' segments.

For the footprints, I traced some little feet onto a piece of freezer paper (centering my clock) then carefully cut each foot out.  Once I quilted the background piece, I ironed the freezer paper down then painted/brushed black paint to create the feet.

I have to say I did enjoy working on this piece, mainly, because it brought back good memories for me.  I have always loved to read and up to that point in high school, I was only reading fiction.  To this day I enjoy reading bio's so much and 'Mr. Astaire' got me started!


  1. I love your quilt. I do have a soft spot for clocks and dancing and so this is something that would always appeal to me. Congratulations

  2. I have not read this book so now I shall try to find it. I do LOVE Fred Astaire and his beautiful dancing. Your quilt is precious. You have met and exceeded your challenge dear...

  3. Oh this is a wonderful piece. I have a few books that stuck with me too. Your design depicts the book perfectly.

  4. How wonderful! I saw this piece and it gave me chills and also rekindled memories of his wonderful movies and talents...think I need to read this book.