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Friday, January 8, 2016

A nice surprise!

Look what I received in the mail yesterday!  Isn't he the cutest little pin cushion!  I love his button eyes, which represent an owl so well!

So a huge THANKS goes out to Sherry at Createology blog!  I've shown other items she has gifted me in the past and I love and enjoy each one!  Sherry's blog isn't called 'Createology' for nothing as she is quite creative and very productive!  Thanks, again my friend!  He now has a spot next to my sewing machine here in Florida!  Hope he enjoys his time here!

And I have started on a few projects!  I've finished 18 fiber cards already (did I already mention that in a previous post??  hmmmmm)  Only 17 more to go!

And I've started on the Art Quilters Around the World challenge for our 'favorite book' theme!   I'm not saying what my book is.  But it is a book I first read in high school and for some reason has always been one that I remember the title and story!  This isn't always the case now a days!  I can never remember an author or a title of a book I read last month, let alone some of the story lines!

I was just playing around with some free motion quilting, testing out threads...this is just a scrap piece!

See I do other things than just eat out while in Florida!  Sometimes I'm productive!  Weather was beautiful the mid 60's and sunny.  Perfect dog walking day but that's another story!  Gigi is becoming the terror of the community!  Not a good thing!


  1. You are very welcome for the little Owl. I can't come up with the book title you are thinking of so I shall merely watch your progress. Gigi a terror in the neighborhood? She is too cute to cause any trouble. Wonderful Weekend Dear...

  2. Love the owl. That is so cool. Speaking of cool you are missing some very cool weather. I love snow so it will give me the impetus to stay in the studio and start the 2016 projects.
    Mary Ann

  3. Cute little owl, and such a nice gift. Gigi having issues?? Oh, no! Glad your projects are will underway.