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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's only tuesday but feels like Friday!

Yep, it's only Tuesday (well, you'll be reading this on Wed.!) and I feel like I've put in a week of work already!
Yesterday I finished all the Valentine fiber cards!  WooHoo!  This is the earliest I've finished but I want to have in the mail on February 1st or maybe sooner.  You never know how long it will take for folks to receive them!  That's a whole blog post on the mail system here!

Today I made breakfast, went grocery shopping, took dogs to the dog park, stopped at vet's to pick up their food then home to wash the floor then bathed BOTH dogs!  They are brushed out pretty good but I'll go over them again tonight while watching TV.  That's when I usually brush them (yes, daily!).

Wednesday, my Q bud, Susan and I are taking off in the a.m. to head to the quilt and bead shop and of course, lunch!  I'm going to look for some fabric for the painted hex technique to try (again!).  This is Jill's technique (you can see my blog post here for detail).  And I need some black beads for my 'book' challenge quilt.  I'm going to drop my machine off for it's spa day too.  Hopefully, I'll have it back the last week of January as I'll need to put the binding or facing on the challenge quilt.  But inbetween time, I have hand work to do on it.

Wednesday evening it's 99 cent margarita night!  Like I need to tell you that!  We're going again with Karah, Howard, Sally and Dan.  Poor Sally is still in discomfort with her knee.  She had an injection but overdid it a few days ago.  It's ok, since she can still lift the 99 cent margarita glass (it's small!).  
Thursday is our dinner with the 'gang' and we're going to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner then back to our house for cake (being baked by our resident baker, Verna!) and ice cream.   I'll also be gone most of the day doing a trunk show in Gainesville for a fiber group.  Looking forward to that!  I'm all packed up for that part of my day!  Friday, I think I will veg!  Yea, right!


  1. OMgosh, you are so busy you wear ME out!! I'm sure that I can't be that social, but I like to see how you gad around!!
    xx, Carol

  2. I think you'll have earned a veg day by the real Friday! Do you take the girls to the Ocala city dog park? By the way, the Shitzu Sisters have a home. No details, but they've been adopted, happily.

  3. I love how active you stay. I can live vicariously through you dear. It is cold and damp and rainy and wet here so staying indoors is what I am doing...every day. Went out to dinner tonight to celebrate a dear friend being diagnosed Cancer Free and we all but drowned in the rain and the icy wind practically blew us away. I am happy to be home and warm now. Embrace your busy life my friend...

  4. You are one busy lady...sounds like so much fun! Your little doggies are the cutest ever!