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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fiber Arts Bee Trunk Show

This past Thursday, I did a trunk show in Gainesville for the Fiber Arts Bee group.  What a great group they are!!  I had a great time sharing my art work with them and talking with individuals before and after my talk.

I took both these pictures when I first arrived thinking there would be around a dozen or so.  I'm not sure of the exact count but the tables were all filled (3 of them) and more chairs were brought in so the room was full.  I hope they enjoyed seeing my work and hearing about my experiences as well as failures in my pieces!  It's always fun to discuss your work and get input from+- other like artists.

This quilt was finished by Bonnie (sorry, don't know last name) and it's all hand appliqued and was outstanding!!

I'm not sure who took these pics while I was 'yaking' but nice to have them!

I could tell this is a talented and mixed group!  I saw some of their prayer flags as well as their journal pieces they are working on.  This appears to be a very productive fiber group and they are drawing in new members each meeting. I would definitely join this group if we lived here.  There's lots of inspiration to be gained by sharing your work and expertise with others!  So if you don't have a fiber group near you, start one!  Satellite groups from larger quilt groups are easy to start and you can limit membership or just let it grow and grow!  You won't be sorry you joined or started a fiber art group!


  1. The appliqued quilt is beautiful. I'm sure the group enjoyed what you shared. Bet you had a great time!!

  2. They were so lucky to be able to get up close and personal to your outstanding work….and YES, belonging to a small fiber group is so valuable.

  3. Membership in my small fiber group has made all of us grow. We just talked about that at our last meeting. We brought pieces we have worked on last year where we were given the same insructions and the same fabrics. Holy moly! Every single one was a work of art and so different from the others. You are so right about belonging to one.

  4. We all enjoyed it for sure, and can't thank you enough for coming! I love the term one member had for you- "a fireball of a textile artist." Yup- that's you!

  5. Oh how glorious to have like-minded people interested in creative fiber arts. You are the perfect artist to share with and inspire others. I love how Nancy commented with one member's term for you! "A fireball of a textile artist"! That is a fabulous compliment to you dear.

  6. I'm fortunate enough to belong to a small fibre arts group that meets once a month - just 5 of us and we have tried so many different things and have had wonderful "play days" together. I look forward every month to our next get-together.


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