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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A fun Saturday night (again!)

So last night Bob and I joined Howard, Karah, Dan and Sally for another fun night at Blanca's!  And Bob and I had our first dance in almost 20 years!  We had a great dinner and conversation, then the music started.  What fun!! One lady was having fun all by herself dancing!  In fact, Gardner Spencer who does the singing and playing guitar, came out to the dining area (since the lady was dancing by our tables!) and started to play!   We had SO much fun!

This could turn into a weekly occurrence!  Plus, we enjoy the Stanfil's and Cole's company.  Sally just had an injection in her knee so she and Dan couldn't dance but Bob and I made up for it!  Hopefully, Sally will be up to dancing in another month or so!

I did get some sewing done today on my 'book' challenge piece.  The background is all quilted.  It's coming along and I hope to have it finished by next weekend.   And yes, those are little foot prints on the background!  Still not telling what the name of the book is!

This is a stencil I made of the footprints...and the clock is just a piece of paper...I'm sure no one will think of this book!  Fun working on this!!!

 Then it's back to finishing up my fiber Valentine cards.  I need to make 17 more.  I have the background fabric all screen printed as well as the postcard address labels are all finished.  Just need to cut them out and stitch together.  Which takes some time and I want to have those finished by February 1st to mail them!  You never know how long the mail will take to deliver!


  1. Dancing the night away- fun! You gave Sally some motivation to get that knee in shape. Love those little footsteps. Curious about your book. A mystery?

  2. Dancing is such a JOY and I believe magical for keeping us active and feeling alive. Great little footprints. Still have no idea...