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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A different form of art work!

At the FAB meeting last week, I was talking with one of the members, Terry Ashley.  She mentioned, very casually, that she does a different form of art photography.  OK, so we all know photographers and they are very creative and have a great eye to capture the right photograph.  Right?

Well, I asked for Terry's business card and proceeded to go to her web site.  And this was the first image I saw.

 I thought this piece was beautiful but then I got to reading about her technique and started to browse her galleries.  It's not your everyday photography for sure.  Terry creates fine art photography by using a micro image of a plant and combines it "with a more recognizable view of the plant subjects".  WHAT!  Yep!

I took this statement from Terry's gallery for this photograph:

The backlit May apple fruit is superimposed on a light micrograph of an epidermal peel from a May Apple flower. The four round shapes are pollen grains, a necessary prerequisite for the "apple."
And this next photograph:

The Beech bud was shot in the snow in early spring. Unlike most Botanical Chords, the background is not a micrograph, but a shot of beech leaves floating in a puddle.

Terry calls this technique/process "Botanical Chords" and I think they are beautiful pieces of art photography!  You can read about this process on her web site here.

I could sit and cut and paste all of her photographs but you need to visit Terry's site and just take in each piece and read what plant(s) or micro image she used for the backgrounds.

I am so impressed and inspired by Terry's work!!  I can see these pieces being turned in art quilts!  Maybe we need to collaborate on a piece!  That would be cool!

I asked Terry if I could do a blog post on her and she did give me approval...and I am so glad to be able to share her work with you!!    ENJOY!!


  1. Impressive?!? No kidding…..thanks for sharing!!

  2. This IS cool! If anyone can interpret a photo like these in fiber art, it certainly is YOU.
    xx, Carol

  3. Wow I love her work. So different. Thanks for sharing Robbie.

  4. Thank you for telling us about her work, I love it. Very inspiring.

  5. This is some amazing art. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos

  6. Her work is unique and beautiful!

  7. By the very first photo before I had read anything I thought this was a fabric art piece you are working can totally see you and Terri working together to create some magical Works of HeArt. Her photography is definitely unique and very special. This is Creative Bliss...

  8. I went on an Art and Photography tour to Costa Rica and met Terri a couple years ago. ( for tour details)). It was amazing to see how meticulous Terri is in achieving her photos. She takes a gazillion shots, crawling around on the ground to capture the exact part of the plant that she needs. She doesn't use a digital camera but uses film for this breathtaking awesome work. I saw a show of her work at Gainesville. Amazing. So glad you have been able to meet her.

  9. Truly an awesome collaboration of art and science, both beautiful and magnificent in their own right. I would never have thought to put these two together, but Terry does an amazing job. Thanks, Robbie, for writing a post on her work!


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