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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, it's my BD...doesn't mean as much as it did when  you were 10 or 12 does it!  I'm just happy to be around for another day!

This was my first BD card from my bud, Susan!  Isn't it great!  a quilt in the making??
I have had a great week so far!  I did a lecture/trunk show of my artwork to the Fiber Arts Bee group in Gainesville on Thursday.  What a great group of ladies!  I'll be posting pics in Sunday's blog post...some things are more important, you know!  Like my birthday!  HA
On Thursday, the 'gang' head to Yamato's for a Japanese dinner, which was great!

There were 12 of us and we were entertained by  Myra and she did a great job.  Very entertaining!

You have to look closely, but Myra layered onion rings and made a flaming cake, so to speak!  Really cool!  Food and performance were so much fun, then after that huge meal all 12 of us came back to the house for cake and ice cream!

When I say "cake", I do mean CAKE!  We are so lucky to have as a friend, Verna!  She is the best and always makes everyone a cake for their birthday!  Are we lucky or what!  Verna called me earlier in the week giving me a choice of four different cakes.  And of course, she had me at "chocolate and raspberries"!

How pretty is this cake!  And taste good!!  That's a understatement!  It was delicious with a layer of chocolate/raspberry filling in between layers of a delicious chocolate frosting!  I can't wait for dessert tonight!  I kept a huge chunk for Bob and I for dinner!  YUM...Verna, you are the best!!  Yes, the "girls" wanted to help Verna serve and mom blow out the candles!

And I got so many cute/funny cards!  And wonderful gifts!  When I arrived home from my lecture, I walked into a beautiful set table by Jan!  Aren't the flowers beautiful!

Jan also gave me some chocolate!  Do my friends know me!!
Kalee tried to open the box today but I wouldn't let her!  These are all for me!  Yes, they will be open by Sunday!  HA

In addition to receiving my first card by Susan, she also gifted me this cool design/coloring book!  I had never heard of Tula Pink but her designs are great!

This is eye candy for me and I've already got my eye on a few projects for beading!!!

In addition to being a great cook/baker, Verna is also a talented seamstress/embroiderer (yes, she teaches classes too!).  She made this jewelry travel bag!

And perfect for me in the coffee fabric!  I love it!!

I love scarves...infinity or not and Marilyn gave me this really cool scarf!  In fact, I've worn it already!  It's great with a checked design on one side and large patchwork design on the other!  It's so cool!!!

And last, but certainly not least, is this sign plate from Jan F.  I love the saying and for now it rests on my thread holder!  Jan also makes all her own cards, which I forgot to take a picture of!  It's so cute and clever.  She said she uses software from Hallmark!  That's such a great touch giving everyone a unique card!

It's been a great birthday week so far!  Tonight we're headed to Harry's for dinner with Karah, Howard, Sally and Dan!  We haven't been to Harry's yet this year (I know it's only January 16th!) and we are looking forward to their meal!!

I'm one lucky 'gal' for sure.  I guess getting to be one year older isn't so bad when you are surrounded by such great folks!  Thank you one and all for making me turn older not such a bad thing!


  1. Wishing you continued happy birthday celebrations! Wow…..the gifts and the cake… are off to a great start!

  2. Happy Birthday. You have some pretty great friends!! Lots of fun, loot and food. One of my current covet fabrics is Tula Pink's Crouching Tiger.

  3. Happy Birthday! Let the celebrations continue. ENJOY!

  4. What a terrific celebration! Happy birthday. I'll take Verna's version of flaming cake- the onion cake sounds interesting (couldn't get the video to play, so didn't see it), but a couple of candles on the choc/raspberry cake is perfect. My fave flavor combo, too. I like Tula Pink fabric but had not seen the coloring book- fun!

  5. Happy birthday! What a great group of friends you have to help celebrate, and the cake is making me drool.

  6. Very Happy Birthday Robbie Dear. You are blessed with many treasured friends and family and spending quality time together. Celebrate and enJOY every day!


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